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Wyrd Tales represents the third publication and recording in the English Heretic suite: a depth study supplementing the investigations outlined in our English Heretic Collection.

With twisting and fateful reports reflected in an obsidian mirror, woven by the very hands of the Norns, Wyrd Tales recounts the actual waking nightmares experienced by the staff of English Heretic as they conduct their uncanny investigations. Comprising over two years of research, field visits and pathworkings, Wyrd Tales also surveys the geography of creative inspiration, extrapolating outrageous and vertical asymptotes for future imaginative discourse. Indeed, Wyrd Tales is intended both as an exciting escape from the tyranny of fact and as a practical ordnance survey of our country's psychohistorical contours.

We visit the haunts of Matthew Hopkins, the parishes of his victims, the desolate and ravenous bays of Daphne Du Maurier. We excavate among the gnostic ruins of M.R. James and drink in the ojas of Austin Spare's London. From our nation’s unconscious libraries we unearth hallucinatory and hermetic monographs. We discover the lost reels of a Frazerian horror film and catalogue the fantastic occult pathologies that ferment from a racial memory of zealot’s purge and war time trauma.

To complement and animate the magazine, Wyrd Tales comes with a 70 minute CD containing documentary evidence of our imaginal interpenetrations. Culled from phonographic recordings, in situ improvisations and studio distillations, these aural commentaries provide the finest synaesthetic liqueur to accompany your fireside readings of this Albionic Al Azif.

Magazine Contents
92 pages, Black and White artwork throughout, 4 page colour spread, colour cover.
* Season Of The Witches' Glove * Hermetic Correspondences In The Confessions Of Two 17th Century Suffolk Witches * An Unusual Case of Accidental Hanging Associated With Ritual Activity * The Abraxas Inheritance - A Screenplay
* The D-Daimons Of Menabilly * A Future Cult At Burnstow? An Occult Blueprint For The Temple Of Sariel Based On M.R. James' "Oh Whistle" The Aossic Radio

CD track listing (70 minutes in length)
i] Season Of The Witches’ Glove ii] Pan Satyros iii] The Digitalis Experience (Side 1)
iv] Theme From The Abraxas Inheritance v]The Menabilly Pathworking vi] Oh Whistle And I’ll Come To You. vii] The Vampires Are Coming / Minion Of The Outer Ones