Tales Of The New Isis Lodge

Probably the first Musical inspired by the creative occultism of Kenneth Grant, Tales Of The New Isis Lodge presents 65 minutes of lush and occult exotica issuing from a transplutonic transmitter. Drawing its structure from the ultra decadent and ornate rituals described in Grant's book Hecate's Fountain English Heretic guide you through Egyptian pre-history to the fungi of yuggoth, re-imagine flower power in an indian tantric idiom, describe the workings of Chinese sorcerers, realise the neither-neither hidden within the jump rhythms of Count Basie and invoke Choronzon in the Crimson Desert. Aeons in its reification and packaged in delicious artwork, stylised as a homage to Grant's Typhonian tomes.

CD Track Listing: 1] Typhonian Museum Piece 2] She Comes In Kalas 3] Tales Of The New Isis Lodge 4] Earth's Lament To The Stars 5] Cult Of The Ku 6] Vevers Of The Void 7] Les Voltigeurs 8] Secret Organization Of The Zotzil 9] Rite Of Kepra 10] Demon Feast / The Dagger Of Bou Said

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Publications And Magazines

The English Heretic Collection.

The English Heretic Collection is a unique and exciting resource kit allowing you to explore terrifying interdimensional spaces and to achieve rapport with the thanatological glamours of tortured souls. Intended as a great hobby for all the family, with each issue you will receive a full colour magazine that provides detailed background on Black Plaque Scheme nominees, visitor guides to Designated Sites of Heresy and fascinating practical tips on conducting your own necromantic field studies. This comprehensive collection will build up to provide you with a set of tools to facilitate your permanent psychic pilgrimage to the other side of the tree of life. In addition to a magazine you will receive a free gift with each issue in the form of a phonographic CD recording, DVD documentary or special fetishistic objet d�art noir. The English Heretic Collection Issue 1 comes with a handsome archive box providing an ideal sepulchral repository in which to store your occult resource kit.

Part 2: A Drone For Young Joe Kennedy

On August 12th 1944, Joseph Kennedy Jnr, brother of JFK was killed in a suicidal bombing mission over Blythburgh in Suffolk. Centuries earlier, almost to the day, a demon dog appeared in the same skies over the church, ransacking the nave and scorching its door. Following an obsessive path from our earlier investigations into the angeology of war, English Heretic achieve rapport with the revenant of the airman and conduct a series of operations to uncover its imaginal resonances and finally exorcise the troubled soul of Joseph Kennedy. Our research is presented in a 16 page colour magazine and a 30 minute CD taking field recordings from the abandoned air field in Norfolk from which Kennedy's fatal flight took off.

CD Track Listing: 1] Theme From 'The Predictors' 2] Invocation Of Golohab 3] In This The Crueles Month 4] The Exorcism Of Joe Kennedy

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Part 1: Curse Of The Conqueror Worm

A full report on the English Heretic Black Plaque award for tragic filmmaker Michael Reeves. Articles explaining the historical antecedents of the Black Plaque scheme. 16 page colour Magazine, free sepulchral repository box, 17min CD-R

CD Track Listing: Temple Of Remembrance/Temple Of Asmodeus, Parentalia,Miasmic Apparition Of Margaret Wyard


 The Sacred Geography Of British Cinema.

Is it not beyond the bounds of credulity that a well staged, suitably ornate ritual portrayed through the visual arts may harness the power to tear the fabric of consensus reality - and with what results: the letting in of monstrous denizens from a fantastic and bloody celluloid nightmare? The blind atavisms of the preternatural realm may not know the difference between theatrical ceremony and the incantations of the supposedly initiated. The Sacred Geography Of British Cinema presents the results of a series of investigations and site visits to real locations that have been employed as the backdrops for some of the most powerful and frightening scenes in British film history. Focusing on sites of violent immolation and qliphothic invocation, English Heretic provide a series of pocket guides to enable you to imbibe the troubled spirits that may now haunt these environs. With detailed scene synopses, walker's guides and field experiments for you to try out, The Sacred Geography of British Cinema aims to provide a tangible portal to fantastic and uncanny realms.

Scene 1: A Hilltop Hanging at Kersey

The first scene in the series is the harrowing opening to Michael Reeves', Witchfinder General, filmed in the medieval village of Kersey. 16 page Colour Magazine, 35 min CD-R.

CD Track Listing: The Sacred Geography Of British Cinema, The Besom Maker, Hills Of Arcady, Cults Of The Upright Men, Y Dasgubell Rodd (Ancient Techniques Of The Kersey Broom Seers), Rustic Widdershin Dervish (Live At The Bell Inn), Song Of The Whore Of Nyarlathotep


Wyrd Tales 

With twisting and fateful reports reflected in an obsidian mirror, woven by the very hands of the Norns, Wyrd Tales recounts the actual waking nightmares experienced by the staff of English Heretic as they conduct their uncanny investigations. Comprising over two years of research, field visits and pathworkings, Wyrd Tales also surveys the geography of creative inspiration, extrapolating outrageous and vertical asymptotes for future imaginative discourse .Indeed, Wyrd Tales is intended both as an exciting escape from the tyranny of fact and as a practical ordnance survey of our country's psychohistorical contours.

Wyrd Tales

We visit the haunts of Matthew Hopkins, the parishes of his victims, the desolate and ravenous bays of Daphne Du Maurier. We excavate among the gnostic ruins of M.R. James and drink in the ojas of Austin Spare's London. From our nation’s unconscious libraries we unearth hallucinatory and hermetic monographs. We discover the lost reels of a Frazerian horror film and catalogue the fantastic occult pathologies that ferment from a racial memory of zealot’s purge and war time trauma.

To complement and animate the magazine, Wyrd Tales comes with a 70 minute CD containing documentary evidence of our imaginal interpenetrations. Culled from phonographic recordings, in situ improvisations and studio distillations, these aural commentaries provide the finest synaesthetic liqueur to accompany your fireside readings of this Albionic Al Azif.

Magazine Contents
92 pages, Black and White artwork throughout, 4 page colour spread, colour cover.
*Season Of The Witches' Glove *Hermetic Correspondences In The Confessions Of Two 17th Century Suffolk Witches *An Unusual Case of Accidental Hanging Associated With Ritual Activity *The Abraxas Inheritance - A Screenplay
*The D-Daimons Of Menabilly *A Future Cult At Burnstow? An Occult Blueprint For The Temple Of Sariel Based On M.R. James' "Oh Whistle" The Aossic Radio

CD track listing (70 minutes in length)
i] Season Of The Witches’ Glove ii] Pan Satyros iii] The Digitalis Experience (Side 1)
iv] Theme From The Abraxas Inheritance v]The Menabilly Pathworking vi] Oh Whistle And I’ll Come To You. vii] The Vampires Are Coming / Minion Of The Outer Ones


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Visitor Guides - Your Passport to the Qliphoth

In 1919, Aleister Crowley achieves rapport with an entity of extra-terrestrial intelligence, LAM, via an opium laced vision, The Amalantrah Working. Close to death, he passes on a portrait of LAM to his acolyte Kenneth Grant. London 1949, Gerald Gardner and Grant attempt to bring down the power from alien sources on the site later occupied by Centre Point. In 1980, Rendlesham, Suffolk, becomes a Centre Of Pestilence prophesised by mediums in Grant's occult lodge of the late 1950s. Is the epidemic of alien visitations following the dropping of the Atomic bomb in August 1945 due to a cataclysmic upheaval in our cosmic consciousness... are these entities really energy spectres, dakinis and distant cousins of Lovecraft's Outer Ones? In a mind expanding voyage through England's Qliphoth, we are proud to present a series of Visitor's Guides: audio recordings and essays, the radioactive samples of researches at the cold war citadel of Orford Ness, the site of the suspected UFO crash landing at Rendlesham, the ruins of Dunwich, a witch lair at Brundish, the carnal tunnels of Soho.

Visitor Guides: Your Passport to the Qliphoth

Comes with 60 minute CD-R and an eMagazine of 3 PDF Guides.

CD Track Listing

1]A Threnody For The Energy Spectres of Nagasaki - recorded at Orford Ness 2] London's Qliphoth - The Ritual At Centre Point 3] In Parfaxitas -recorded beneath Tottenham Court Road 4] Open The Mithraic Stargate -recorded in Rendlesham Forest 5] The Brundish Horror - recorded in Brundish and Dunwich

CD Magazine Contents

1] Time Outre - London's Qliphoth 2] A Visitor's Guide To Orford Ness 3]Rendlesham Suffolk, A Centre Of Pestilence


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